Write Your Own Success Story

Hi there!  I am so excited you are joining us on this journey!  We want you to make the most of your first 12 weeks with Usborne Books & More.  Because we want you to have as strong of a start as possible to set you up for success we have created several levels of rewards for you to earn!  Who wants a over a $500 bonus in cash and books?  You do?  Here is how you can earn it!

$25 in Books for Each Recruit!

For every person you recruit you earn $25 in free books of your choice.  This is only during your first 12 weeks – so start asking your friends NOW if they have ever thought of doing a business like this themselves.  It is FUN to work with friends!


How to Sign Up Recruits

You’ll sign up recruits by having them fill out the Consultant Agreement and order their Consultant Kit at your ecommerce website:  YourID#.myubam.com/join


Do your recruits want more info about the business?  Have questions?  You can utilize the Sunshine Team’s generic recruiting website: www.MyUsborne.com

Keep a Business Info brochure handy for those wanting more info about the UBAM opportunity. Find one in the Sunshine Team’s Dropbox in the Recruiting Folder 

You can print off a copy of the Consultant Agreement for in-person app’ts:  http://www.myusborne.com/agreement.pdf  However, the Consultant Agreement still needs to be submitted online on your ecommerce website.


The $25 free books Write Your Own Success Story reward is automatically loaded into your OrderPro for each of your new recruits during your incentive period.  To claim it, select the WYOSS Free Book Awards category in the type of selection drop-down menu in the middle of the page on Screen 3 in OrderPro.  This is where you’ll also collect the other free books earned in the Write Your Own Success Story.  See Placing Orders



Your Story Begins…

Earn a kit REFUND in First 30 Days

  • Sell $1000 retail (3-4 avg parties) = earn a 1/2 kit price refund.
  • Sell $2000 retail (5-7 avg parties) = earn a FULL KIT REFUND!



Your Success Story Continues…

Earn Books/CASH in First 12 Weeks

  • Earn $25 in FREE books for EACH person you recruit!


In addition…

  • Sell $1000 (3-4 avg parties) = earn Success Kit 1*
  • Sell $2000 ( 5-7 avg parties) + 1 recruit = Success Kit 2*
  • Sell $3250 (9-12 avg parties) + 2 recruits = $100 product
  • Sell $4500 (12-15 avg parties) + 2 recruits = $100 CASH!


*Success Kits include books and supply items valued at $50.  These are automatically sent to you after they are earned.



The Next Chapter…

  • Promote to Team Leader and Earn $100 CASH!
  • Or, promote by the end of your incentive period to earn $200 CASH and $300 in books!
  • Plus, as a Leader you earn 34% MORE on every party you do!



Your starting goals…

  • Book 6 shows within your first 30 days!! 6 Goals Chart
  • Find at least 3 friends to join you in this business!


Print off as a visual goal to meet…